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Grupo Iñesta

At the cutting edge of agriculture since 1982

Grupo Iñesta is a business group specialising in the design, formulation, manufacture, and marketing of liquid products for sustainable agriculture.

It is considered one of the most important and established fertiliser companies in Spain thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, more than 38 years of experience and know-how, its capacity to adapt to crops and climates anywhere in the world, and its successful track record in more than 35 countries.


Grupo Iñesta has three subsidiaries around the world in addition to its headquarters located in Alicante (Spain).

Grupo Iñesta Latam located in Uruguay has commercial offices in Asunción (Paraguay) and Sao Paulo (Brazil), as well as its own agronomic team.

IG Agrosolutions is our U.S subsidiary located in Miami, Florida, fully registered and with a major operational presence in the states of California, Colorado, Washington and Nebraska.

Finally, our subsidiary Grupo Iñesta Mexico located in Mexicali has its own warehouse and a distribution network that covers the whole country.

Alfredo Iñesta

Alfredo Iñesta, founded in 1982, was the first brand launched by Grupo Iñesta, which has evolved from NPK nutritional formulations to the design and manufacture of the most innovative self-defence inducers, becoming one of the most reliable premium quality brands in international farming.

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HAF (Hispano Americana de Fertilizantes) is a brand with a long tradition in professional extensive agriculture, but it also has specific formulations for intensive crops. Thanks to its quality and efficiency, it guarantees to increase crop vigour and yield.

Having had great success in Latin America, HAF has spread to the Asian and African continents. 

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TECA (Técnicas Europeas de Cultivos Agrícolas) is the brand influenced by European tradition in the research and development of new agricultural solutions for modern, sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.

The TECA catalogue is built on the most advanced technology and features state-of-the-art formulations aimed at improving agronomic outcomes in crop farming.

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At what stages of cultivation can Grupo Iñesta products be used?

In our product range, you will find a wide range of possibilities for your plants, from seed treatment to harvesting and all the stages in between.

We are concerned that the crop is being cared for at every stage of development, and the best way to ensure this is to have a complete application programme that covers all these phases, for a top-quality harvest.

From foliar feeding to liquids fertilisers, bio-stimulants, NPK fertilisers, rooting powder, plant strengtheners… Grupo Iñesta offers you the most advanced solutions to care for your plants or crops.

What kinds of products does Grupo Iñesta offer?

Some of our products, such as our organic and natural fertilisers, are suitable for use in organic farming and are certified by Sohiscert. But virtually all of them can be applied on integrated cultivation or zero residue farms.

The raw materials we use to produce our fertilisers are totally natural and are organic and mineral in origin.

What do Grupo Iñesta fertilisers contribute to the agri-food sector?

Our fertilisers boost crops in a way traditional products are unable to do: by stimulating the plant metabolism, you will get better quality and higher yields, without applying harmful substances.

Our success lies in allowing the plant to develop as if it were growing in almost ideal conditions in terms of climate, soil, water, nutrients, etc. We strive to develop our products by putting innovation at the service of agriculture.

We have fertilisers for all kinds of crops including citrus fruits, tomatoes, and olive trees, among others. We also have rooting powders and other crop products such as NPK fertilisers.

Why use Grupo Iñesta organic fertilisers?

At Grupo Iñesta, we strive to offer a wide range of products for all types of crops and situations: horticultural, extensive, fruit, ornamental, traditional cultivation, localised irrigation, hydroponics, greenhouses, gardening, organic, integrated cultivation, zero waste, etc. We offer our technology and expertise to farmers, ascertaining their needs so we are able to design the most appropriate responses at every moment.

In our modern facilities, a large team of young and enthusiastic professionals give their very best to develop innovative products. Our firm commitment to R&D and Innovation is materialised in our own laboratory, where we test new compounds to improve our range of fertilisers.

One of our main concerns is to work with ingredients that are as natural and safe as possible, thus reducing risks for growers, consumers, and, of course, for the environment.

That’s why choosing our products, such as organic fertilisers, shows commitment to quality, research and expertise.