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Grupo Iñesta acquires the Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro from Büchi Labortechnik AG, a high-end incorporation that strengthens its laboratory as a benchmark in the sector and the commitment to have the most sophisticated technology on the market.

The rotary evaporation process is essential since the active compounds or natural substances maintain their properties when they are boiled. This process begins in the thermal bath, where the sample is heated by applying a vacuum to reduce the pressure and to evaporate at a lower temperature. Later it condenses again applying cold to separate the components that interest us.

The importance of this acquisition is that the quality controls carried out at Grupo Iñesta are more rigorous when verifying that our products have the essential elements to satisfy the needs of the plant. Furthermore, having full knowledge of exactly how our products work once they are applied to the crop allows us to offer more technical explanations that validate the efficacy of our formulas.

The Rotavapor® Dynamic Pro from Büchi Labortechnik AG stands out from its competition since, among other features, it provides a library of molecules that once the one we want to separate is selected, the machine automatically adapts the perfect conditions for its separation.

Grupo Iñesta’s R&D department will use this machine to continue developing its pioneering research program, for its innovative processes and the preparation of new distillates and extracts, always being at the forefront of agriculture.

Grupo Iñesta keeps on betting on an internationalization strategy that allow us to bring our cutting-edge agricultural solutions to every corner of the planet.

We will land in Chile with the help of our official distributor in the country, Bioscience Chile, next august. Our brand Alfredo Iñesta will be available with its entire catalogue in the southernmost country.

Alfredo Iñesta was founded in 1982 and it was the first brand of the group. It has evolved from NPK formulations to the design and manufacture of the most innovative self-defence inductors, becoming one of the brands with the highest quality and reliability in the international agricultural sector.

Now all our experience and Know How will be available to the Chilean market to jointly care for their crops. We are convinced that with Bioscience Chile we start a long and successful journey.

Our company opened our United States subsidiary in 2017 to help consolidate our international expansion strategy – focused on North America.

We have just obtained registration in the State of Colorado for the following products marketed under our TECA (Flagship) Brand: TECA Cereal, TECA Alfalfa and TECA Sensesal. Reinforcing our position on entering the Colorado market, our company is partnering with local growers in conducting 20 new field trials to demonstrate the effectiveness of TECA formulations. Results will be published by the end of the year, once harvest finishes and data is analyzed.

Grupo Iñesta wants to commend our official TECA distributor in United States, Metragro, for its strong work in developing our brand in the country.

Last June 2020, Alfredo Iñesta S.L. successfully passed the annual certification audit, the scope extends to “Design, production and marketing of special fertilizers for agriculture and gardening” and to Manufacturer of fertilizers, certifies ISO 9001: 2015 and R.D.506 / 2013 respectively.

Bureau Veritas Certification, a private entity that has great prestige both nationally and internationally, was responsible for its execution, reaffirming the certificate of the quality management system and that of the manufacturer of fertilizers.

The satisfactory result of this audit confirms the good practices of Alfredo Iñesta S.L., as well as its commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality management system. In addition, the effort and dedication of the entire team of Alfredo Iñesta S.L. is internationally recognized for offering effective responses to the needs of its clients and reaffirming its determined orientation towards business excellence.