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Business group

Grupo Iñesta is a business group that operates on four continents, dedicated to providing agricultural solutions through advanced research, the development of new formulations, in-house manufacturing and marketing of special liquid fertilizers:

  • Nutritional
  • Biostimulant
  • Anti-stress
  • Self-Defence Inducers
  • Organic

Adapted for any kind of crop anywhere in the world.


Grupo Iñesta reinvents agriculture through its constant research and state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the highest quality and maximum yield agricultural while being respectful of the environment.


Through constant innovation and cutting-edge technology, Grupo Iñesta strives to achieve an agriculture model that obtains the highest yield from its resources leading to high quality and higher production in our customers’ crops.


Premium quality

Achieved through rigorous quality controls of ALL our manufactured batches. We carry out a double check process.


Through the formulation of new products


Always offering a quality product, through research into new bioactive substances and products by means of internal or collaborative projects with prestigious universities and technology centres. Investigating, in accordance with the highest standards, the metabolic improvement achiev



To our customers, by developing effective products. We are committed to obtaining the highest yield from our customers’ resources, leading to the highest quality and higher production in their crops.

Respect for the environment

At Grupo Iñesta, we are fully aware of the need to respect the environment, complying with the legal requirements in force in each of the countries where we are present and developing sustainable and respectful products.

Taking care of our team

Every year we are able to grow thanks to the hard work of a group of highly qualified and dynamic young people, combined with the experience we have gained over more than 38 years. We create a family-friendly, professional environment, providing Know How to enable people to keep on developing and achieve their full potential in a safe and secure environment.

Integrated Management Policy

GRUPO IÑESTA, company dedicated to design, produce and market fertilizers and other special products for agriculture and gardening, has committed to implement a model of Integrated Quality, Environmental and Occupational Risk Prevention, based respectively in standards ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001:2018 as a management tool and in order to, through continuous improvement, achieve customer satisfaction, preserving the environment, and prevent occupational risks for employees and so, become a benchmark in the sector in which it operates for its quality of service, respect for the environment and working conditions of their workers.

To achieve these objectives, management has established the following principles:

  • Satisfy the needs of customers and achieve their full satisfaction. Only in this way a stable and lasting relationship with existing customers is enhanced and we achieved new customers.
  • The quality of the services offered is linked to the protection of the environment, occupational safety and health of employees.
  • To preserve the natural environment, the company is committed to reduce and optimize the consumption of energy and water, and to work for the prevention, reduction and elimination of any contamination.
  • The company put all its efforts in order that the safety and health of employees is effective, integrating prevention into all the activities and decisions of the company and at all levels.
  • Internal and external continuous and effective communication, with customers, employees and society in general is essential to fulfill the needs and expectations, thus knowing the level of satisfaction of customers and stakeholders.
  • To promote the human factor as an essential principle of quality, environment and prevention of occupational hazards, with proper training, communication, active participation and teamwork of all people.
  • Integrate suppliers and subcontractors in the commitment to quality, environment and prevention of occupational hazards.
  • Maintain a commitment to comply with current regulations.

Only if the above principles are met and are assumed by each and every one of the workers it will be achieved that GRUPO IÑESTA offer quality services, respecting the environment and ensuring the safety and health of our workers.

The senior management of GRUPO IÑESTA want bring this policy Integrated at all levels and functions of the company, ensuring that it is understood, implemented and reviewed.


Novelda, February first 2016



Fundación de Lombrico S.L.

The company that gave rise to today's Grupo Iñesta

Consolidation of solid fertilizar

and initial manufacture of the first liquid fertilizars

Creation of Alfredo Iñesta S.L.

and inauguration of the new factoryu accredited by CEEI industrialisation

First international export

First international export

International expansion

with the support of different entities such asIcex and the Chamber of Commerce.

Creation of HAF

Creation of HAF, Grupo Iñesta's second brand, and establishment of our first subsidiary in South America.

Introduction of bio-stimulants

Pioneer in the introduction of bio-stimulants in extensive agriculture in South America. Founding of Teca, Grupo Iñesta's third brand.

Inauguration of new premises

Inauguration of new premises, as well as the expansion of our factory and laboratory. Participation in the inter-comparative trial organised by the Spanish government.

Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award

Chamber of Commerce Innovation Award. Awarded the INNOVATIVE SME seal by the General Secretariat for Science and Innovation.

Creation of our U.S. subsidiary

Creation of our U.S. subsidiary Ig Agrosolutions, registered and operational in California, Colorado, Washington and Nebraska.

Creation of our subsidiary in Mexico, Grupo Iñesta México.

Grupo Iñesta México