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Special high-tech plant-based fertilizers

At Grupo Iñesta we have been designing, manufacturing and marketing special high technology fertilizers of vegetable origin since 1982.

  • Nutritional
  • Biostimulant
  • Anti-stress
  • Self-defence Inducers
  • Organic
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Liquid NPK formulations that provide essential macro elements for any crop.

Products that allow for the swift and efficient absorption of nutrients. Deficiency correctors (single and multiple deficiencies) to provide secondary elements and essential microelements.

High quality liquid organic materials with high fulvic acid content that: regenerate soil structure, provide essential trace elements, and facilitate nutrient availability.

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Products designed from different compounds of natural origin, many of them certified for organic farming, with the aim of promoting the hormonal balance of crops and modifying various metabolic and physiological processes to optimise crop yields.

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Formulations based mainly on amino acids together with other synergistic organic materials.

These are products to be used at any stage or cycle of cultivation for the purpose of preparing the plant before it is exposed to stress and helping it to recover after adverse weather conditions or various stressful situations such as transplants, vegetative delays, etc.

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Products designed from natural compounds that stimulate the synthesis of resistance molecules capable of controlling infection.

These molecules circulate through the vascular system, reinforcing the immune system and obtaining healthier and stronger crops.

Inducers are RESIDUE-FREE products and an excellent tool for preventing fungi and bacteria.


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Agronomic efficiency - RESIDUE-FREE

Our new generation of certified ORGANIC products was developed as a result of:

  • New regulatory requirements in relation to agri-food production.
  • Our experience in the fertiliser industry.
  • A team of skilled professionals dedicated to the research and development of new formulas that do not harm the environment.

The ORGANIC range is notable for three major strengths:

  • The thorough quality control that is carried out, not only to raw materials but also to each of the manufactured batches.
  • They are residue free products, which guarantee crops that are free from plant protection residues, thus meeting the requirements of large stores and supermarkets.
  • They are designed to comply with existing national and international environmental regulations.
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