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Quality Control

Integrated management policy

All our products are manufactured on site at our facility. The manufacturing process is constantly controlled by the director of the production department, to ensure that the manufacturing progress is carried out according to the indications of the Technical Department.

Our quality is endorsed by:

ISO 9001

This quality standard is applied to all the company’s processes, as we pursue our key objectives of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

RD 506/2013

Specific national legislation; this is a voluntary certification process that benefits our customers, as it is a very strict standard in terms of raw material quality, finished product, traceability, and analytical controls.

Double Check Control

Firstly, a factory-run analysis is performed to measure pH, density, and check that the appearance of the product is correct.

A laboratory test is then performed to verify that the product meets the assigned chemical and microbiological specifications and the guaranteed contents of the label.

Finally, in certain cases, a sample is sent to an external laboratory to confirm that our methods of analysis are robust.