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Technical Department

State-of-the-art technology for modern sustainable agriculture

Research and innovation

The knowledge and skill of our technical department has allowed the company to improve and enhance the quality and complexity of our products, moving from basic compounds (NPK, mono-nutritional…), which are easy to formulate and manufacture, to more technologically advanced products with greater added value, such as bio-activators and self-defence inducers, which are highly demanding in terms of their formulation and manufacture.

Today, thanks to the company’s firm commitment to R&D and Innovation, Grupo Iñesta is developing new lines of biotechnological and biochemical research.

Technical Competitiveness

In order to demonstrate and validate both the competitiveness of our company and our methods of analysis, every year since 2012 the laboratory has participated in the Inter-Comparative Trial organised by Spain’s Ministry of Agriculture.

Our laboratory always achieves excellent results, making us one of the most reputable laboratories in the industry.

Technological Development

Grupo Iñesta has a specific technical area within the company’s main premises. This area, which covers about 250m2, contains our technical office and laboratory.

The continued need of the company to adapt to a new modern agriculture – more technical, efficient and sustainable – implies broad multidisciplinary technological development, with workers trained in different areas of science and engineering.